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International Workshop and Seminar innovative environmental-friendly technology and sustainable food self-sufficiency


International Workshop and Seminar innovative environmental-friendly technology and sustainable food self-sufficiency
Sel, 18. September 2018 - Kam, 20. September 2018
Hotel Alila - Surakarta, Jawa Tengah
International Workshop and Seminar
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Agricultural production in the future will be emphasized on productivity increase to support food security and product quality related to food safety. To realize it, there are some challenges, i.e. soil degradation, invasive organism of plant pest and disease and climate change. In the agricultural practices, most of Indonesian farmers tend to use excessive agro-chemical materials (fertilizer and pesticide). Consequently, inefficient fertilizer and pesticide residue in soil could contaminate to the environment.

In the future, innovative and environmental friendly technology in agricultural practices should provide solution to problems in food security and food safety. The current problems in agricultural production processes are soil contamination with heavy metals from various sources, high pesticides residues and some fertilizer pollution to water body. Hence, there is a need to bring together in innovative academics.

Good agricultural practices should be applied to promote environmental friendly agriculture. The innovative technology is including remediation, reducing pesticide residue, utilization of microbes-plant accumulator to reduce heavy metals concentration, management of slow-release N fertilizer and intermittent water irrigation, low GHG emission rice cultivation and sustainable agriculture, will be discuss during the workshop.



This workshop and seminar aims to:

  1. explore recently available environmental friendly technologies to boost crop yield
  2. reveal best practice and best experience in sustainable management crop production
  3. strengthen collaboration and networking on agricultural research and development for developing environmental friendly technologies


Expected Impact

This international workshop and seminar expectedly has positive impact on:

  1. The increase awareness of healthy soils to promote safety food by using the advanced environmental friendly technology.
  2. The exposure of eco-friendly agricultural technology innovation supports sustainable food self-sufficiency.
  3. Establishing communication between stakeholders (users and policy makers) related to environmental-friendly agriculture.


Time and Venue

The workshop and seminar will be held in Alila Hotel, Surakarta (Solo), Central Java, Indonesia, September 18-20 2018.


Theme and Sub-Themes

The theme of workshop and seminar is “Innovative Environmental Friendly Technology and Sustainable Food Self-Sufficiency”.


The workshop and seminar with theme “Innovative Environmental Friendly Technology and Sustainable Food Self-Sufficiency” will cover the following sub-themes:

  1. Land management and good agricultural practices
  2. Pesticides residue and to heavy metal management in agriculture
  3. Adaptive environmental friendly technology on climate change
  4. Mitigation of greenhouse emission in agriculture sector
  5. Sustainable agriculture and food security

Participant and Invited Speakers

As many as 100 people will attend in this workshop including participant and presenter. They represent researcher, academician, policy maker, local government, professional association, farmer union, private companies, etc.

This international workshop will present topics relates to current issue relating to each sub-theme. The presenters are expert and professional in the subject, from overseas, private companies as well as farmer and local government. As many as 10 invited speakers will deliver their topic including:

  1. Dr. M. Syakir (Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development): “Innovation and implementation of applied environmental-friendly agricultural technology”
  2. Prof. Dr. Gustan Pari (Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry): ”Preventing environmental pollution and degradation: Strategy and Policy”
  3. Prof. Dr. Ir. Akhmad Fauzi, MS (Bogor Agriculture University, Indonesia): “Synergy of economic aspect and sustainable agricultural development”
  4. Dr. Kazuyuki Yagi (NARO, Japan): Strategic development of environmental-friendly agriculture in respect to climate change adaptation and mitigation”
  5. Dr. Godefroy Grosjean (CIAT, Vietnam): “Providing technology innovation in agriculture sector related to climate change adaptation and mitigation for policy makers”
  6. Prof. Ravi Naidu (CSIRO, Australia): “The behaviour and management of heavy metals to remediate and avoid agricultural soil contamination”
  7. Dr. Vasant L. Patil (Croplife, Singapura): “Environmental risk assessment toward pesticides management harmonization: theory and practices”
  8. Prof. Dr. Ir. Edi Martono, M.Sc (Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia): “Pesticide residue in Agricultural Sector: Current Status and Future Development”
  9. Dr. Dr. Suhartono, MKes (Diponegoro University, Indonesia): “Effect of pesticides on human health and environment”
  10. Dr. Ir. Widyatmani Sih Dewi, MS (Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia): “Implementation of agro-technology to support sustainable food self-sufficiency”





No registration fee includes full access to all conference material, coffee break, meals, technical tour as well as proceedings.




Important dates

Notification of abstract acceptance

Abstract submission deadline : 04 September, 2018

Abstract notification : 11 September, 2018

Full paper submission deadline : 16 September, 2018


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