Application Jarwo Super Technology as Adaptive Environmental Friendly for Rice in Jambi Tidal Swamp Areas

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Application Jarwo Super Technology as Adaptive Environmental Friendly for
Rice in Jambi Tidal Swamp Areas

Salwati1*, Lutfi Izhar1, and Desi Hernita1
1Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (AIAT) Jambi
Jl. Samarinda, Paal 5, Kota Baru, Jambi, 36128
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Agricultural technology to improve the optimization of swamp land areas was already existed, but rice productivity is still low. The latest technology that was already proven to increase irrigated rice productivity called Jarwo Super which will be verified in tidal swamp land areas. The purpose of this study was to obtain the influence of Jarwo super technology components on increasing rice production from 3.5 t/ha to 5 t/ha in tidal swamp areas. The research was carried out on the farmer's land area of three hectare in Karya Baru Village, Rantau Rasau District, East Tanjung Jabung Regency, Jambi Province. Assembled Jarwo Super technology was applied on land owned by three cooperative farmers using two new superior varieties namely Inpara 2 and Inpara 8 and Biotara fertilization. The results of the study showed that Jarwo super technology application with VUB Inpara 2 provideddry production yields of 6 t/ha equivalent to 5.1 t/ha dry rice. The yield of rice obtained by this Jarwo super technology application is 71.43% higher than the average productivity obtained by farmers’ practices in wet season planting time. Jarwo Super technology can technically be carried out on tidal swamp land and was socially very acceptable to farmers (Stakeholders) because it can harvest in dry season planting time of 2017, where farmers usually fail to harvest the rice. Economically,Jarwo Super technology package in tidal swamp land gives benefits to farmers, this is indicated by the value of R/C> 1. Farming income analyses of Inpara 2 variety was Rp. 30,000,000 and Rp. 22,600,000 for Inpara 8 varieties by applying this technology.

Keywords: Jarwo super, inpara 2, inpara 8, tidal swamp areas, Jambi


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Indonesian Agricultural Environment Research Institute (IAERI)



A. Wihardjaka (1) and L.J. Wade (2)
(1)Research Station of Agricultural Environment Preservation

(2)International Rice Research Institute

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