Integration of duck and jarwo super rice system in Riau Province as an alternative environmental friendly technology on rice cultivation

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Integration of Duck and Jarwo Super Rice System in Riau Province
as an Alternative Environmental Friendly Technology on Rice Cultivation

Rathi Frima Zona*, Rizqi Sari Anggraini, Oni Ekalinda and Nana Sutrisna
Riau Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology
Jl. Kaharuddin Nasution No. 341 Km. 10 Pekanbaru
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Indragiri Hilir is rice production center in Riau Province. The rice productivity in this regency is around 3.9 ton/ha. Since 2017, Riau AIAT has introduced jarwo super rice system as new technology in rice cultivation. This study aims to get the information on rice production in the integration of duck and jarwo super rice system compared to the existing technology. The study was conducted in Kempas Jaya Village, Indragiri Hilir Regency, Riau Province from January-August 2018. Batang Piaman was chosen as suitable variety with farmer preference. There were three technologies applied in this study, A: farmer’s technology, B: jarwo super rice system technology and C: integration of duck and jarwo super rice system technology. In integration of duck and jarwo super rice system technology, farmers have 136 ducks that consist of 16 males duck and 120 females duck herder at 1 ha of rice field. The result showed that the highest rice production was found in C: integration of duck and jarwo super rice system technology (7.40 ton/ha), while the rice production in B: jarwo super rice system technology was 6.04 ton/ha and the rice production in A: farmer’s technology was 5.10 ton/ha. Based on field observations, there are some advantages when farmer herder ducks in the rice field, (1) provide additional fertilizer from duck droppings, (2) reduce weed and plant pest populations, (3) decrease pesticide used and (4) stimulate rice growth. Referring to this study, combination of duck and jarwo super rice system on rice cultivation has proven
decrease production cost, enhance rice production and recommended environmental
friendly technology.

Keywords : duck, jarwo super rice system, integration, environmental friendly technology, rice production.


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Indonesian Agricultural Environment Research Institute (IAERI)



A. Wihardjaka (1) and L.J. Wade (2)
(1)Research Station of Agricultural Environment Preservation

(2)International Rice Research Institute

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