Jagoan Village Boyolali: Developing Self Village Through Utilizing Environmental Friendly Biogas From Cattle Wastes

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Jagoan Village Boyolali: Developing Self Village Through Utilizing
Environmental Friendly Biogas From Cattle Wastes

Riyanto, J1*., B., Mikuwati1, Y.K. Sholikhah1, R. Ramadhan1, A. I. Sari1, Sunarto1,  dan Lutojo1
Animal Husbandry Department, Faculty of Agriculture, UniversitasSebelasMaret.
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Feces of beef cattles can be utilized as soil amendment and renewable energy. the population of beef cattles in Boyolali regency is raising and their feces potential for materials of biodigester. Biogas energy produced from a fixed dome type digester has been used as the main source of household energy as additional income for farmers. The purpose of the research is to utilize the waste stools of beef cattle farms as biogas to be used for household energy sources, to realize the village's own energy from biogas, the beef cattle farming business in the village takes place without waste and is environmentally friendly. The activity was a part of The Village Partner Development Program which implemented  method of : (1) extension using FGD (Focus Group Discussion) technique accompanied by an evaluation of the progress of the level of knowledge and understanding of the material, (2) training in the manufacture and production of household biogas digester production, (3) ongoing monitoring and evaluation. The level of acceptance of biogas technology in Jagoan Village Boyolali was influenced by extension intensity factors, farmer experience, education, motivation and ownership of beef cattle. The farmers' knowledge has increased  120% in producing biogas and 200% in the manufacture of fixed dome type biogas digester installations. Each biogas digester covers 4 family heads. The income of beef cattle business by using biogas in Jagoan Village, Boyolali Regency was obtained from the addition of business revenue with various variables of fixed costs and costs. Scale III income (> 4 head) is greater than scale I (<3 head) and II (3-4 head). LPG gas consumption decreased by 75% and the decrease in fuel wood energy reached 85%. LPG gas savings by 20 tubes per year and 300 bundles of firewood per year.

Keywords: cattle, biogas, energy, farmers income, environmental Friendly


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Indonesian Agricultural Environment Research Institute (IAERI)



A. Wihardjaka (1) and L.J. Wade (2)
(1)Research Station of Agricultural Environment Preservation

(2)International Rice Research Institute

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