CO2 Flux and Carbon Stock from Smallholder Coffee Plantation in East Nusa Tenggara

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CO2 Flux and Carbon Stock from Smallholder Coffee Plantation in East Nusa

Eni Yulianingsih1*, Rina Kartikawati1 and Yohanna ML Fanggidae2
1Indonesian Agriculture Environment Research Institute  
Dinas Pertanian Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur
Jl. Raya Jakenan-Jaken Km 5 PO Box 5 Pati Jawa Tengah 59182
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Climate change caused by global warming can have a negative impact on the plantation subsector. Coffee plants in Indonesia are generally cultivated by smallholders in small scale plantations. For plantation products such as coffee and cocoa, the C absorption can be greater than Greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, making it carbon neutral or even negative carbon throughout their productive time. The objectives of this research were to quantify CO2 flux and carbon stock in smallholder coffee plantations in Ponto Ara Village, Lembor District, West Manggarai District, East Nusa Tenggara Province. Gas sample was taken using close chamber technique, while gas concentration was measured using a gas chromatography. Estimation of carbon stocks above ground was done by destructive technique, by determining the biomass, and analyzing the carbon content of each part of the plant. Results showed that the smallholder coffee plantation provided flux of 1,684 kg CO2/ha/month and carbon stock 50 tons CO2-e/ha while the activities of conservation smallholder coffee gave flux of 2,585 kg CO2/ha/month and carbon stock 147 tons CO2-e/ha from above and below biomass.

Keyword: climate change, coffee, GHG, CO2


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Indonesian Agricultural Environment Research Institute (IAERI)



A. Wihardjaka (1) and L.J. Wade (2)
(1)Research Station of Agricultural Environment Preservation

(2)International Rice Research Institute

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