Energy Analysis of Rice Production in Banten Province, Indonesia

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Energy Analysis of Rice Production in Banten Province, Indonesia

Tian Mulyaqin1, Muchamad Yusron1 and Viktor Siagian1
Institute forAssessmentand development of Agricultural Technology
Jalan Ciptayasa KM 01, Ciruas, SerangBanten, Indonesia
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Rice is the most important food crop for Indonesian people. Rice production  process need the amount of energy intensively. The purpose of this study is to analyze the energy requirement of rice production under different farm levels. Data were collected from 133 farmers using structural questioner. The research result showed that rice production consumed a total energy of 18525 MJha  which chemical fertilizer energy using was 61.99% followed by pesticide (19.87%), human labour (7.71%), fuel energy (3.10%), and machinery (4.96%), respectively. The share of direct, indirect, renewable and non-renewable energies was 10.81%, 89.19%, 10.08%, and 89.92%, respectively. The energy use efficiency and energy productivity were found at 4.13 and 0.28 kg/MJ, respectively. The farm (>5 ha) show had better energy use than a small farm (<5 ha).

Keywords : rice, the energy ratio



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Indonesian Agricultural Environment Research Institute (IAERI)



A. Wihardjaka (1) and L.J. Wade (2)
(1)Research Station of Agricultural Environment Preservation

(2)International Rice Research Institute

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