Performance Analysis of Biopharmaceutical Copper Machines to Support Sustainable Agriculture in Sleman, Yogyakarta

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Performance Analysis of Biopharmaceutical Copper Machines to Support
Sustainable Agriculture in Sleman, Yogyakarta

Nurdeana Cahyaningrum, Retno U. Hatmi, Nugroho Siswanto, Heni Purwaningsih, and Siti Dewi Indrasari
Assesment Institute for Agriculture Technology of Yogyakarta
Jln. Stadion Maguwoharjo No. 22 Karangsari Wedomartani Ngemplak Sleman Yogyakarta
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Indonesia has more biopharmaceuticals resources than other countries that could be developed their potency. However, biopharmaceutical farmers are still constrained in their processing. Each stage of biopharmaceutical processing such as washing, knitting, drying, and siege, farmers still use the traditional method (manual). Farmers group in Farmers groupArgo Mulyo, Wukirharjo, Sleman is one of biopharmaceutical processing farmers who processes biopharmaceuticals into spice powder. This research was conducted to analyze the performance of chopper machines in farmers group at Argo Mulyo, Wukirsari, Sleman, Yogyakarta. The assessment was conducted from January to December 2015 at farmers group of Argo Mulyo. The materials used were 3 types of rhizomes namely galangal (hard texture), ginger (medium texture), and turmeric (soft texture). Parameters observed were thickness of chopping, time of crushing, working capacity of tools, knitting results, and work efficiency of the tool. The results of the study showed that the working capacity of chopper machines in 3 types of rhizomes was significantly different, while the work efficiency of chopper machines for galangal was significantly different from ginger, but not significantly different from turmeric. The working capacity of the chopper machine in galangal is 17.28 kg/hour, ginger 24.92 kg/hour, and 29.69 kg/hour. While the work efficiency of chopper machine in galangal is 98.25%, ginger is 97.67%, and turmeric is 98.58%.

Key words: biopharmaceuticals, chopper machine, analysis of machine performance


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Indonesian Agricultural Environment Research Institute (IAERI)



A. Wihardjaka (1) and L.J. Wade (2)
(1)Research Station of Agricultural Environment Preservation

(2)International Rice Research Institute

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